A former Conservative councillor has defected to the Liberal Democrats after claiming they are the “only party that will stop Brexit”.

Cllr Gabriel Rozenberg decided to quit the Conservatives after saying the party he joined 20 years ago was not what he recognised.

The Garden Suburb councillor said he made no secret of his opposition to Brexit and the Conservatives had turned into the party of leave.

Cllr Rozenberg said: “The party I joined is not the party of 2019 because it is actively pursuing a no-deal Brexit.

“I am a believer in compromise, but there comes a point where you’re not being true to your principles by staying with the Conservatives so I switched to the Liberal Democrats.”

The move means that Cllr Rozenberg will be the only Liberal Democrat representative within Barnet Council, but felt the party represented people in Barnet.

Cllr Rozenberg continued: “I think residents in Barnet share our principles and internationalist stance.

“I am excited and optimistic about taking this step and we will work hard to a local level.”

In a video posted on twitter, Cllr Rozenberg added that he had been “hugely impressed” with the start Jo Swinson has made in her role as leader of the Liberal Democrats.

He said: “She has been extremely decisive in saying that the Liberal Democrats would revoke Article 50. To me, that is the only honest way to deal with the Brexit mess.”

The Conservative party has been approached for comment.