MP Mike Freer helped plant 1,500 bulbs to pay respect to children who were killed in the Holocaust.

Around 1,500 crocus bulbs were planted today (October 6) in the greenery nearby the La Délivrance monument, Finchley, with the help of nearby synagogues and Jewish community groups, as a way of remembrance to the lives lost in the Holocaust.

The decision for planting the bulbs was inspired after Conservative MP Mike Freer visited Yad Vashem, a Jerusalem memorial for the victims of the Holocaust, which has lit-up candles in a dark room in respect for the 1.5million children who died in the Holocaust.

Mr Freer said: “I was thinking of how we could do something simple like this in the local area. This was the perfect space, not only because it’s an open space in the heart of the community, but it’s also near Kinloss, one of our biggest synagogues.”

The day saw the help of the Finchley United Synagogue, Finchley Reform Synagogue, Rabbonim, and other volunteers and children all excited to contribute towards the memorial.

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Finchley United Synagogue and Finchley Reform Synagogue helped alongside other volunteers. (Credit: Joseph Reaidi)

This comes following criticisms from Matt Staples, the chair of the Finchley and Golders Green Labour Party, who called the memorial “politicising what should be a universally embraced act of remembrance.”

In between his contributions towards planting the new bulbs, Mr Freer stated: “I haven’t politicised it. If the labour party want to make that accusation, that’s just silly.

“I’m a member of parliament, I represent the largest Jewish community in the UK, and I think it’s a nice thing to do and involve the community.”

Mr Freer also described the event as “non-political” and “family gathering.”

When asked why it’s important to hold this act of remembrance, Mr Freer said: “Each year it gets harder and harder to memorise the lives lost due to survivors dying. And there becomes a bit of a fatigue of doing the same way, so I thought we’d try something different and memorable to honour the lives.”

With the bulbs planted in October, Mr Freer hopes that they will blossom in time for Spring 2020.