Barnet Liberal Democrats has revealed its new parliamentary candidate for Hendon.

Clareine Enderby will take the fight in the area in the event a snap General Election is called, following the shock defection of Alasdair Hill to the Labour Party.

Mr Hill had served as a parliamentary candidate in Hendon in 2015 and 2017 as a Liberal Democrat, but felt the party “could not win in Hendon”.

Speaking about why he moved, Mr Hill said: "It has been a decade since the economic crisis; my former party's decision to support a deep austerity program during the Coalition has clearly failed.

"A lack of well paid jobs, security or opportunities across the UK is a major reason as to why so many people voted to leave the EU."

Times Series:

Alasdair Hill has moved to the Labour Party

Mr Hill continued: “It’s time to put the national interest before the party’s interest.

“Only Labour can defeat Hendon’s hard-line Brexiteer Conservative MP and deliver a second referendum that gives people the final say on Brexit.”

But Mrs Enderby, who works as a business communications trainer, said there had been a shift in public opinion over Brexit.

She said: “The Liberal Democrats won the European elections hands down across Barnet.

“People are sick of the Brexit chaos caused by Johnson and aggravated by Corbyn’s unclear and ineffective opposition.

“Most people just want to see the back of it so that we can focus on what is really important: health, education and tackling the threat of climate change.”