Halloween is just around the corner – and a road in Mill Hill has been named as one of the UK's most haunted streets.

Nan Clark’s Lane has been rumoured to be one of 40 of the spookiest roads based on local forum research, accounts from paranormal activity experts, local historians and tourist boards.

Rumour has it that Nan Clark worked in the local tavern with an incredibly jealous husband.

One day, in an outrageous fit of rage, he dragged her down the lane to the lake, drowning her in front of several punters from the pub.

Nan Clark is now said to haunt the fields and lane, giving the area an eerie feel especially on Halloween night.

Ghost story writer Janine Pipe said: “Halloween brings out the adventurer in us, it makes us want to watch horror movies and listen to tales around the campfire.

“It can also lead us to wanting to investigate supposedly haunted places. There are many roads in the UK that have links with supernatural sightings; this comes as no great surprise when you think of the number of deaths they have seen over the centuries.

“No matter what, tales of ghostly figures will inevitably send shivers down your spine, and whatever you believe, ghostly visions are reported ten-fold over the Halloween season.

“Is the veil between us and them really lifted during this time or are our senses merely heightened? Unless you know for sure, always make sure you drive safely and let people know where you are heading.”

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