An elderly lady says she has to walk in the road to avoid tripping over “dangerous” cracked pavements close to her home.

Frances “Betty” Turner, who lives in Morley Crescent, Edgware, has repeatedly called on Barnet Council to fix the pavement at the corner of her street and Kenilworth Road.

She says the council told her work would be carried out on the damaged surface – but more than a year after she first complained, nothing has been done.

Mrs Turner was recently told by a member of council staff the repairs had been authorised but “the works order was not received by our contractor”.

Mrs Turner said: “I walk in the road to get the bus now because it is so dangerous. The cars hoot because I shouldn’t be in the road.

“I have fractured my leg and use a three-wheel walker to get the bus, and it is a pain.

“The telephone box on the pavement – that is all cracked around it.

“I first told the council about it in September last year. I thought something could be done about it, but nothing has been done.

“The pavements are terrible. It is not right.”

Mrs Turner said she had called the council “about 28 times”, as well as sending several letters asking for the pavement to be fixed.

She was told the work would be done within 28 days of May 5, and then by July 30 – but on both occasions she was left disappointed.

A council spokesperson said: “We have inspected this section of pavement and marked it up for repair works.

“Unfortunately, we were not able to complete the works to the previously agreed timescale due to unforeseen circumstances.

“However, we can now commit to repairing this stretch of pavement by Wednesday 20 November at the latest. We apologise to Mrs Turner for the delay.”