Finchley and Golders Green parliamentary candidates have said why they should be elected at the next General Election.

Mike Freer, Luciana Berger and Ross Houston will all stand for their respective parties for the Election on December 12.

Below is what each candidate had to say ahead of the Election.

Mike Freer – Conservatives

“As the MP for the past nine years residents know that they will get someone who is hard working, local and accessible. Someone who is plain speaking and who ‘gets things done’. I pride myself on being accessible, many constituents have seen my old mobile home that I use as a mobile advice survey, parked on their street corner. Or they see me in our libraries, supermarkets, places of worship or in my office.

“Finchley & Golders Green has been my home for over 30 years and I want the best for our communities. My weekly advice surgeries keep me grounded and in touch with local issues, issues that effect me and - you -my neighbours. I want to fight to make share we get a fair share of London’s police officers including a fair share of London’s extra 1300+ officers the Government is funding. I want to make sure we have sustainable and affordable new homes which are in-keeping with our local area. Like you, my family and I use the NHS so I am committed to making sure we benefit from record funding, so we have better cancer detection and better links between social care and the NHS.”

Ross Houston – Labour

“I want a Labour government to bring back a politics of hope and fairness and replace the divisive and pernicious approach that has festered under the Tories.

“Labour are the only party offering a People’s Vote on Brexit with the choice of a sensible deal or Remain – and as your MP I will campaign tirelessly for Remain.

“The last thing we need is the Liberal Democrats’ self-serving and reckless policy of revoking Brexit, or the current Tory incumbent tied closely to Boris Johnson’s hard Brexit that will decimate jobs and leave our NHS exposed to a dangerous trade deal with Donald Trump’s America.

“I have a record of delivering for local people as a councillor and housing campaigner for 15 years, and deputy Labour leader on Barnet council. As your MP I would campaign to eradicate shameful child poverty in Barnet, end the scourge of homelessness, build more council houses, and help implement Labour’s exciting policies. Only Labour have a plan for this country, whether that’s a Sure Start children’s centre in every community, a £26 billion rescue plan for the NHS or tackling the climate emergency through our Green Industrial Revolution. Only we have a vision that will improve the lives of people in Finchley and Golders Green.”

Luciana Berger – Liberal Democrats’

“It would be a privilege and an honour to represent Finchley and Golders Green, a constituency which is my home and where my children go to nursery and will go to school.

“Brexit is the biggest issue we have faced as a country in a generation, and nearly 70% of this constituency voted to remain. The residents of Finchley and Golders Green deserve to have their views reflected by the Liberal Democrats, the only party determined to stop Brexit. I have won awards for the work that I have done, standing up to Boris Johnson and working to ensure that the Brexit chaos ends.

“If I am elected as your member of Parliament, I would bring my nine years of experience as an MP. I pride myself on my strong record of campaigning, both nationally and locally - especially on issues like access to health services, social care and education - to always get the best deal for constituents.”