A project that will act to tackle antisemitism, racism and discrimination has been supported by a football club.

Chelsea FC owner Roman Abramovich backed the Royal Air Force Museum’s new Jewish ‘Hidden Heroes’ project, with the club’s Chelsea Foundation partnering with the museum to support its development.

The RAF Museum developed the ‘Hidden Heroes’ project to raise awareness about the previously untold story of Jewish personnel in the RAF during the Second World War.

It is committed to revealing the role they played in winning the war.

And now both the Chelsea Foundation and museum are calling on Jewish RAF veterans from the Second World War as well as family and friends to share their stories for the project, which will be launched next year for the 80th anniversary of the ‘Battle of Britain’.

On December 4 the partnership between Chelsea FC and the RAF museum will formally be launched at Stamford Bridge. The launch event will feature Jewish RAF veterans, as well as specially invited guests.

Maggie Appleton MBE, CEO at the RAF Museum, said: “We are tremendously grateful to Roman Abramovich and Chelsea FC for supporting the RAF Museum’s Jewish ‘Hidden Heroes’ project.

“The Battle of Britain was the RAF’s defining moment, when they stood firm against Hitler and fascism. With many Jewish RAF personnel playing crucial roles, the 80th Anniversary of the Battle of Britain in 2020 provides the perfect opportunity to remember these incredible people.

“By highlighting their stories, we want to play our part in calling out the rise in anti-Semitism – and wider racism - in our society.”

Bruce Buck, Chelsea FC Chairman, added: “We are delighted to be able to support the RAF Museum with this project.

“Chelsea FC is committed to tackling antisemitism through education and the Jewish ‘Hidden Heroes’ tells important stories about the bravery of Jewish RAF personnel during the conflict.

“Since we launched our ‘Say No to Antisemitism’ campaign in January 2018, and under the leadership of Roman Abramovich, we have been focussed on tackling racism and discrimination in the stands and in wider society.

“There can be no place in our society for anti-Semitism or any form of discrimination – and we are determined to join with others to tackle this vital cause.”