A councillor has called for urgent action to safeguard residents in a housing block that has been hit by crime and anti-social behaviour.

Cllr Sara Conway (Labour, Burnt Oak) called for Barnet Council to boost security at the flats in Marsh Drive, on the West Hendon Estate, using extra money raised from regeneration schemes.

The flats recently featured on the BBC’s Victoria Derbyshire programme after residents complained about a range of problems, including water leaks and pest infestations.

People living in the block – the only one remaining from the original estate following a major regeneration project – have also warned that broken security doors are putting their safety at risk.

The safety issue was highlighted by Cllr Conway at a meeting of the council’s housing and growth committee on Tuesday (November 26).

Cllr Conway said: “I would very much welcome that some of the HRA [housing revenue account] income is allocated to residents on Marsh Drive.

“The security issue is paramount. I was there today – all the doors remain unlocked. Security is only there from 6pm to 4am. Residents have been burgled during the daytime.

“On November 18, the police were called because there was a man collapsed in a doorway – a drug user, in the daytime, with everyone’s kids around.

“I would strongly ask that some of this money is used very urgently to deal with the most immediate problems there.”

Cath Shaw, the council’s deputy chief executive, insisted HRA revenue was being spent on Marsh Drive – but added the security doors could not be repaired.

Ms Shaw said: “There has been a significant programme in recent months – particularly to repair the roof and the downpipe that was causing the flooding.

“The door security system is beyond repair, and that is why we have put security guards in.

“We can always review the timings of the security guards, but the door system itself is not repairable.”