Chipping Barnet parliamentary candidates have set out why they should be elected at the next General Election.

Gabrielle Bailey, Isabelle Parasam, Theresa Villiers, Emma Whysall and John Sheffield will all stand for their respective parties for the Election on December 12.

Here is what each candidate had to say ahead of the election.

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Gabrielle Bailey (left) - Green Party

"Having lived most of my life in Barnet, I’m proud to represent its Green voters. Barnet is a great place to live and work, with a fantastic sense of neighbourliness and community spirit.

"However, there are persistent issues that prevent residents from achieving a better quality of life. Years under the Tories has seen residents’ interests consistently neglected in favour of austerity, private interests and big business. Meanwhile, Barnet Hospital struggles due to NHS underfunding, people fight to survive under inadequate Universal Credit; green spaces offered up to build unaffordable private homes; and basic services like bin collection and recycling consistently fail.

"This election represents a real opportunity to change the status quo. But why vote Green over another party? Simply - it is impossible to improve quality of life without environmental stewardship. Environmental degradation always impacts the most vulnerable in society, squeezing the poor and the planet, with politicians wilfully blind to its impact. It's time for a Green New Deal, investment in our public services, a fair Living Wage, and a thriving green economy. It’s time for a Green UK."

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Emma Whysall - Labour

"Politics is about people and the people of Chipping Barnet deserve an MP that will stand up for them and make sure that they have a strong voice in parliament.

"As an elected member of parliament my first duty will be to stand up for the interests of the people of Chipping Barnet, whether that be passionately fighting for the UK to remain in the EU or ensuring that our vital services that all of us depend on are protected from savage government cuts.

"Since 2010 we have seen unprecedented cuts to front line services such as education which is having a devastating impact on our children's education which is also putting teachers under enormous amount of stress and pressure. This is especially true for the nurseries in Barnet which are on the verge of closure. Chipping Barnet deserves better and I'm the only candidate that can win in Chipping Barnet and ensure change for local residents."

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Theresa Villiers - Conservative

"I am seeking re-election because I love this community which I call home, and I want to keep working to make life better for everyone who lives here. I stand on a record of local action, including fighting successfully for more funding for local schools, securing new NHS facilities, and standing up for Barnet’s commuters.

"If I’m re-elected I’ll fight to protect the green belt and our greenspaces, and deliver measures to protect nature and biodiversity, improve air quality, and address climate change. I’ll campaign for the London Mayor to give us more police and to save our local police station, so the police can crack down on burglary and other crimes. I’ll push for expanded GP services and the best NHS care for residents. I’ll back the Conservatives’ plan for the strong economy, so we can fund the public services we all value and keep taxes down.

"I will continue my decades’ long campaign against antisemitism which has made a shocking return to UK politics because of Labour’s failure to root it out from their party. I will always champion our diverse community in Barnet and promote the values of mutual respect and understanding between people from different backgrounds."

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Isabelle Parasam - Liberal Democrat

"My name is Isabelle Parasram, and I’m standing to be the next MP for Chipping Barnet as I believe this area deserves a strong, pro-Remain voice in Parliament. If you elect me as your next MP, I will be a champion for diversity and the needs of residents across the constituency. The people of Barnet voted overwhelmingly in favour of the Liberal Democrats at the recent European elections, and I’m ready to be a strong voice for all of the communities that make up this wonderful constituency.

"I’m a passionate advocate of Remaining in the EU, but I also want to help make real change for the residents of Chipping Barnet in vital areas like education, where we are pledging to hire 20,000 more teachers by the end of the next Parliament, and health, where we will invest £35 billion into the NHS and social care to build a brighter future for our health services."

John Sheffield - Advance Together

The party gave a statement on behalf of Mr Sheffield;

"Chipping Barnet voted heavily to Remain in the EU. We are running a campaign to highlight the record of “Brexit heroine” Theresa Villiers. Whatever your politics, she’s too extreme for Chipping Barnet."