A security gate which was promised to be built in the summer to deter a series of anti-social behaviour, still has not been implemented.

People living in a block of flats on Rill Road, The Hale are upset that “nothing has been done” to improve security after being told change would be made nearly six months ago.

In July, the Barnet Times reported on a campaign held at the property after a series of problems including strangers entering the courtyard at night and dealing drugs, fighting and car spaces taken.

The campaigners said they felt “neglected” for more than three years from the Metropolitan Thames Valley, who manage the property, and wish for action to be done to make the block’s courtyard safer.

After publication of the article, a contractor was seen onsite and work for a security gate was said to be in place.

Six months later, Joe Bilbow who lived at the flats for three years, is astounded that there is no indication of efforts made to implement a security gate.

He says that “nothing has been done, not at all” and the landlord for the site has “refused to give an update.”

This is not the first time Mr Bilbow had issues with the housing association and the landlord, as previous petitions were obscurely rejected for a ‘lack of support’ despite a majority.

Times Series:

The campaigners all signed petitions to implement a security gate (Photo: Joseph Reaidi)

He said in July: “The last form we sent, he claimed only five people sent it back, so it wasn’t valid.

“The petition from 2017 had 20 out of 24 people, two people didn’t understand the question, so they claimed it wasn’t valid despite a majority of votes.”

In July, a new petition with all 24 flats in support was produced as well as the backing of Cllr Laithe Jajeh and Cllr Elliot Simberg.

A spokesperson for Metropolitan Thames Valley has now confirmed that the gate will still be produced and said: “We are aware of our residents’ concerns about anti-social behaviour which we take very seriously, and we have a plan in place to install a security gate at Rill Lane.

“This will limit access to the development to residents only.

“We appreciate it has taken some time, but we have been working hard behind the scenes to arrange the most suitable contractor to carry out the work.

“We will be writing to residents shortly to update them on our plan and the timeframe for completion of the work.”