A plan to start charging people to use two car parks has been branded a “tax on motorists” by a residents’ group.

Drivers could have to pay to park their cars for more than two hours at Daws Lane and Wise Lane car parks at Mill Hill Park under plans drawn up by Barnet Council.

They could be charged £2 for up to three hours and £3 for up to four hours, while at Daws Lane there could be an extra charge of £6 for more than four hours.

The council says the fees are designed to “better manage the car park for park users by restricting the number of cars parking in the car park all day”.

But Mill Hill Residents’ Association says the charges would be “yet another form of taxation on locals and on motorists” – and could push parking problems onto neighbouring streets.

In its official response to the consultation, the group says: “There are other ways of preventing all-day parking – by charging for just one hour in the day by introducing a CPZ [controlled parking zone] of sorts, or by limiting free parking to a longer period with no return for one hour.”

The group points out that a report to the council’s environment committee in January last year showed car park charges are expected to raise £150,000 a year but made no mention of managing parking spaces.

It also warns the parking fees could encourage drivers to leave their vehicles in Poets Corner and other nearby streets.

The residents’ association says a previous High Court ruling against the council established consultations should take place “while the proposals are still at a formative stage”, while providing those consulted with information “which is accurate and sufficient to enable them to make a meaningful response”.

But it claims the council already decided what the problem was and came up with the proposed solution before starting the consultation.

Many residents could not participate in the consultation because they were not aware of it due to a lack of publicity, the group adds.

A council spokesperson said: “We consulted Mill Hill residents on our proposals to better manage the car park for park users by restricting the number of cars parking in the car park all day. Any revenue generated will be reinvested in maintaining Barnet’s parks and open spaces.

“We publicised the consultation in line with statutory requirements, and even extended the length of the consultation by six days to ensure residents had the opportunity to share their views.

“We are reviewing the feedback from the consultation and addressing any concerns before finalising our proposals.”