The number of homes due to be built on a business park is 1,350 in blocks up to nine storeys, the council has clarified.

Comer Homes originally planned to build 1,200 homes in blocks up to 11 storeys at North London Business Park in Brunswick Park.

This was later changed to 1,350 homes in blocks up to nine storeys.

Barnet Council refused permission for the revised scheme in 2017.

But the developer’s appeal against the decision was upheld by a planning inspector, who was backed by Housing Minister Robert Jenrick in a letter published on January 22.

After the announcement, there were conflicting reports on which version of the scheme had been approved.

The council has told the Barnet Times the revised scheme of 1,350 units in blocks up to nine storeys will go ahead.

The first phase of the scheme is for 360 units in blocks up to eight storeys, along with a secondary school, gym and sports facilities.

Outline planning permission has also been granted for a further 990 units in blocks up to nine storeys.