David is the most common name among male blood donors in Barnet, according to the NHS.

NHS Blood and Transplant says the name tops the list of men who regularly donate at Edgware Donor Centre.

Michael, Daniel, James and Paul are names that complete the top five.

NHS Blood and Transplant revealed the data as part of its appeal for more young men to start giving blood in 2020.

The trust says more than 68,000 new male donors are needed to correct the gender imbalance among new donors.

David Morton, 42, is one of Edgware’s ‘lifesaving Davids’.

He recently returned to giving blood after a break of more than 15 years while living overseas.

Mr Morton had been a regular donor while at university after going with his mum to blood donor sessions growing up.

Mr Morton, who lives in Stanmore, said: “I’ve always believed giving blood is important, but I couldn’t donate while living overseas.

“I signed up again once I was back in the UK. I’m O negative and I know the NHS needs more O negative donors. It’s the blood type that can be given to anyone.

“Things have changed a bit since I last donated. You now get a text after you donate telling you what hospital your blood has gone to, and it’s easy to book an appointment online.

“The staff really put you at ease and it’s a straightforward process. The donation itself only takes five to 10 minutes and it’s not too painful. Taking the donation is easier than the finger prick for the iron test.”

He added: “To anyone thinking of becoming a donor, I’d say just do it. You’re well looked after and the staff are incredibly professional. The whole process takes about an hour.

“Blood is always needed. If you can give blood, you should. It’s a simple thing to do and it saves lives.”

During 2019, 47 per cent of the new donors in Barnet were men.

Until the end of November last year, 454 women from Barnet started donating blood but only 407 men.

The NHS called this a concern since only men’s blood can be used for some transfusions and products.

It also said that men have higher iron levels which means they can donate more often and are less likely to be deferred.

Mike Stredder, Director of Donor Experience for NHS Blood and Transplant, said: “We’re incredibly grateful to all the Davids in Barnet who save and improve lives through blood donation.

“We need more men to start donating in 2020. Your blood will do extraordinary things - whether you are a David or not. Please register and book an appointment to donate.”