Patients can see their doctor and have a clinical examination by video call at a local pharmacy.

People living in Golders Green can use the technology at Warman Freed Chemist, Golders Green Road for a medical check-up even if their doctor is miles away.

The new service, provided by start-up Medicspot, allows GPs to perform a full clinical examination of patients with a connected stethoscope, close examination camera and thermometer. The doctor can also examine the pulse and blood pressure of the patient.

The founder of Medicspot, Dr Zubair Ahmed, said this technology does not aim to replace NHS GP surgeries.

He added: “We believe that giving patients options of how and when they see the doctor will improve satisfaction and health.”

Farah Ali, manager at Warman Freed Chemist, said: “Increasingly, pharmacists and GPs are working together to provide a health service that’s second to none.

“It makes absolute sense to work as a team, ensuring that patients will benefit from our joint medical expertise, benefitting from peace of mind or relief from discomfort, often much faster than has previously been possible.”

Golders Green residents can book online to see a GP at: