Nine-year-old Callum, who has Down's syndrome, has always dreamed of working at McDonald's.

So the pupil at Summerside Primary Academy in Finchley decided to pen a letter to his local McDonald's to ask if he could enrol onto a course to learn how to make burgers and chips.

He wrote: "To McDonald's, please, please, please can I go to a Mcdonald's course. I want to cook burgers, fries, Coke, Fanta, Fruit Shoot and milkshakes.

"I really want my job to be in McDonald's when I get older. Thank you."

Teaching assistant Zoe Williams was determined to see Callum achieve his goal after he opened up about his life-long dream. She encouraged the young boy to write the letter and helped him send it to the fast food chain's head office.

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Callum's letter to McDonald's.

After waiting a month for a response, Callum was excited to find out he had been invited to Finchley Lido McDonald's on Wednesday (February 26) to make his own lunch.

Ms Williams said: "For almost a month, I kept contacting them. And each day, Callum would come to school holding out his crossed fingers and asking me if McDonald's had texted.

"I explained it might not happen as they told me at head office there were quite a few health and safety issues that could prevent him.

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Callum, 9, dreams of working in McDonald's. Photo: Summerside

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Callum tucking into his burger. Photo: UGC

"(After the invite) He was so excited and he has been counting down the sleeps until we go."

On Wednesday, Callum and his friend Ella were met by staff and given an apron and cap each. They also had a personalised badge they were allowed to take home.

They then headed into the kitchen to make their own burger and McFlurry ice cream. They also served themselves chips and a drink.

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Callum and his friend Ella. Photo: UGC

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Callum and Ella making their burgers. Photo: UGC

Ms Williams said: "It completely surpassed any expectations I had, let alone Callum and his friend, who he took to share the experience.

"It was all I and the teacher who came with me could do from stopping ourselves from crying, as we watched Callum and his friend respond to each moment they spent making their own lunch.

"Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, it did because you could see the increasing delight as we moved from one place in the kitchen to another.

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Callum serving chips. Photo: UGC

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Callum, Ella and rest of the McDonald's staff. Photo: UGC

"This might seem like I’m exaggerating but I’m really not."

Ms Williams said Callum rated his experience ten out of ten and would work at McDonald's in the future.