A charity normally helping to fight a crisis abroad has refocused all of its efforts on tackling the coronavirus pandemic here at home.

Goods for Good, a Borehamwood-based charity founded by Rosalind Bluestone, has delivered more than £20 million worth of essential goods to people in need around the world, since it was founded in 2014.

But now Mrs Bluestone and her team of volunteers are helping those in need on their doorsteps with a help scheme ongoing across Hertfordshire and north London.

Mrs Bluestone said: "As experts in the delivery of SOS humanitarian aid, we are adapting our core model at this time of crisis.

"We are sourcing goods from our industry partners, and our amazing volunteers are helping our team of two make this happen."

Goods for Good is supporting a range of hospitals including Barnet Hospital.

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Goods for Good volunteers Sophie Kelly (left) and mum Caroline ready to deliver goods to the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital in Stanmore.

The charity is delivering supplies to NHS frontline workers like food, toiletries, feminine hygiene products, shower gel, soap, nappies, and wet wipes.

The Trussel Trust foodbanks are also being supported.

Refugees and asylum seekers are being supported with doorstep parcels of essential items to families in Barnet and surrounding areas.

Recently, Borehamwood-based UGO Foods Group joined Goods for Good as a charity partner, delivering hundreds of packs from their range of pasta directly to the Royal Free and Barnet Hospital.

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David Sagal from Finchley, volunteer co-ordinator

Mrs Bluestone added: "When frontline staff are run off their feet after exhausting shifts, they need nourishing and easy foods to cook. We are bombarded with requests from the hospitals for things like hand-cream, ready meals, cuppa soups and vitamins.

"There are thousands of families right here in the UK that the pandemic is affecting due to shortages of essential goods, job losses, time off work and illness.

"We will mobilise our local connections and partners to reach these people who will be struggling to cope."

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Founder Rosalind Bluestone, pictured at Hunter Boots head office, partners of Goods for Good

The charity has set up a crowd-fundraising platform in order to raise vital funding https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/covid-19-response-food-hygiene-sanitary-items

If you’re a company with overstock in essential goods or an individual who wants to volunteer, please contact:

Contact Goods for Good by calling 01582 540 521 or emailing info@goodsforgood.org.uk