A charity has been hosting a series of virtual meet ups to help tackle mental health issues during the coronavirus lockdown period.

The Cares Family, which has branches to cater for people in north and east London, is encouraging people to join their Zoom parties and social meet ups for those struggling with loneliness and their mental health in the lockdown.

The charity has hosted dozens of virtual meet-ups - including chair yoga and meditation, sofa singing, inter-city discos, Zoom clinics and more.

‘Alone Together’ activity packs have also been issued to 4,000 older people with a variety of recipes, quizzes, games and other projects to uplift moods.

Charity founder and CEO Alex Smith said: “We’re proud that, while the generations need to be physically distant for a while, in many ways they're even closer together than ever - sharing hundreds of hours of phone calls, inter-city Zoom parties, and the sorts of meaningful conversations that build empathy and compassion in an age when we need more of both.

“In the short term, we're leaning into the crisis - determined to make the biggest difference we possibly can to help older and younger people stay connected in a disconnecting time.”

This week (May 18 to May 24) marks Mental Health Awareness week, and the charity is calling for anyone wanting help with their mental health to get in touch.

For more information about the virtual support sessions, visit: www.thecaresfamily.org.uk/home/