Barnet’s Conservative leader has said the actions of Government adviser Dominic Cummings are “not a matter for the council”.

Cllr Dan Thomas has issued a brief statement following the uproar over Mr Cummings’ decision to travel hundreds of miles to County Durham at the end of March.

Several Conservative MPs are among those who called for Mr Cummings to step down after it was revealed he made the visit – which included a drive to local beauty spot Barnard Castle – during the coronavirus lockdown period.

It has led to claims he broke the Government’s own lockdown rules that millions of ordinary people have followed to the letter.

But Mr Cummings denied the allegations and said in a statement on Monday (May 25) that he had acted “reasonably and legally”.

Cllr Thomas said “This is not a matter for the council. The national media have been covering the story over the weekend and have had the opportunity to ask government ministers for views and opinions.

“As leader of the council, I am focusing on Barnet residents and the local response to the pandemic. Our response has received support from individuals across the political spectrum.

“I am proud of our continued response to this crisis and urge all Barnet residents to continue to stay alert and safe.”

Other Conservative councillors have been approached for comment.