An investigation is underway into a huge fly-tip that blocked a suburban street.

Shocked neighbours woke to find rubbish dumped along a section of Newcombe Park, Mill Hill, in the early hours of Friday, June 5.

Items left strewn across the road included a toilet bowl, leather sofa and several large, wooden planks.

John Shuker, who lives in Newcombe Park, said he was woken by a “huge crash” at around 3.45am.

“The refuse started at the junction of Newcombe Park and Goodwyn Avenue with a leather sofa blocking the entrance to Newcombe Park,” he said.

“The lorry travelled east to west and the dump contained a huge amount of builders’ waste, including toilet bowls. There were no cars damaged.

“The guy from the street team said he had never seen anything like it.

“I’ve got to say, Barnet were really good. They had it cleared up within five hours of it being dumped.

“Either it was a major error, or it was deliberate. There is quite a lot of fly-tipping going on around the area at the moment.”

Cllr Roberto Weeden-Sanz, chairman of the safer communities partnership board, said: “We spotted this outrageous fly-tip very soon after it was dumped and cleared it within five hours. It is disgusting that the people behind this have such little respect for the residents of our borough. Nobody should have to wake up to find the street where they live covered in trash, blocking the entire road like this.

“Residents can rest assured that we are conducting a thorough investigation to find and take enforcement action against the people responsible. Fly-tipping in Barnet will not be tolerated.”