A plan for a new detached house next to an existing property in a suburban cul-de-sac has been turned down.

Councillors refused permission for a two-storey home in Boltmore Close, Hendon, after planning chiefs ruled it would be an “incongruous overdevelopment” of a site defined by low-ranging bungalows.

The proposals, by Mr R Weisz, were for a house with rooms in the roof space on land in front of the existing bungalow at number 2, Boltmore Close.

Barnet Council’s planning chiefs recommended refusal, warning the scheme would go “against the established pattern of development” and be “to the detriment of the character of Boltmore Close”.

The plans were discussed at a virtual meeting of Hendon Area Planning Committee on Wednesday (June 24).

Peter Nye, who lives at number 1 Boltmore Close, told the meeting: “This is effectively a three-storey dwelling right in front of my home, eight metres from my windows, with inadequate parking and dangerous access for emergency and large vehicles.

“It is completely out of character with existing bungalows and should be strongly refused by all councillors, in line with officers’ recommendations.”

But the applicant’s agent, Brian Giandoni, claimed the prevailing character of the area was of “two to three-storey houses”, so the scheme would not be out of character with the surroundings.

Mr Giandoni added: “The building is not large. The footprint of the housing is 60 sq m, and it is significantly smaller than the majority of surrounding plots.

“In the wider context, the proposal would not appear cramped, nor overdeveloped.

“The development takes place within the curtilage of number two Boltmore Close and doesn’t impact on the existing driveway. There would be a car parked in front of the garage, potentially, but then that could happen now.”

When it came to the vote, four councillors voted in favour of the officers’ recommendation to refuse permission, with one voting against and two abstentions.