Plans have been drawn up to build up to 130 homes for NHS workers on the site of former hospital buildings.

Community Health Partnerships (CHP) has launched a consultation on proposals for four blocks ranging from three to six storeys near Finchley Memorial Hospital, North Finchley.

The housing would be built on green space between Granville Road, Bow Lane and the hospital road that was occupied by hospital buildings until 2012.

At least 50 per cent of the homes would be classed as affordable and aimed at NHS staff on lower salary bands.

The rest would be available to staff working or training in the NHS, with other public sector workers – such as members of the police and fire service – offered homes if demand from the health sector falls short.

CHP says the proposals come in response to the growing cost of living crisis for NHS staff, particularly those who work in London.

A 2019 survey by the Royal College of Nursing revealed that in five years’ time 57 per cent of nursing staff would either definitely leave London or would like to, with 84 per cent citing the cost of accommodation as the main reason for their response.

According to the developer, most of the site would be retained for publicly accessible open use, with linkages through to Finchley Memorial Hospital, more trees and new habitats to increase biodiversity.

There would also be 38 parking spaces for vehicles and 195 spaces for bicycles

Dr Sue O’ Connell, chief executive officer at CHP, said: “The cost of living in London has increased significantly in the past few years and unless action is taken, there is a risk essential NHS staff will leave London.

“Our emerging proposals at the previously developed site at Finchley Memorial Hospital are part of the process of addressing the needs of NHS staff, and our aspiration is to provide high-quality and affordable homes for NHS staff across all salary bands.”

People can view the proposals and have their say by visiting

The consultation will close at midnight on Sunday, July 19.

An online presentation on the plans will be held on Tuesday, July 7 between 12pm and 1pm.