An “unsightly” telecommunications mast planned for a residential area could devalue property prices, neighbours have warned.

A petition against the 5G mast and cabinets planned for Stoneyfields Lane, Edgware, has so far attracted more than 150 signatures.

Opponents say the 18m-high mast – part of a nationwide upgrade to provide faster broadband connections – could be situated in a less residential area close by.

Karl Sultana, who lives on Stoneyfields Lane, said: “It will be right in front of my house – 16 metres away. Every time I open my windows, I will see the mast and four large cabinets.

“We are all unhappy. It is one or two metres away from a lady’s garden – she is going to be able to hear it.

“Another lady has spoken to estate agents – she said it could devalue her house by 20 to 30 per cent.

“Why not put it round the corner, on a main road? We are near the Edgware Way – they could put it anywhere along there.”

Mr Sultana claimed “very few people” had been sent notification letters about the plans for the 5G mast from Barnet Council.

The planning application by telecommunications firm Three has received more than 30 objections on Barnet’s planning portal.

A Three spokesperson said: “5G will enable business and residents in Edgware to get faster and more reliable network coverage, both now and in the future.

“We know that over time, as more services go online and digital consumption habits continue to change, our network will need more capacity in Edgware to meet demand. It’s absolutely critical that we start the groundwork now so that we can keep everyone connected.”

A Barnet Council spokesperson said: “We can only consider the siting and appearance of the mast under current planning legislation, as telecommunications proposals are given ‘permission in principle’.

“We sent consultation letters on the 5G mast to 32 neighbouring properties on Tuesday, July 21. A planning notice was put in place at the site on Thursday, July 30. The details of the application can also be viewed on the council’s website, and we have followed all of the appropriate consultation procedures.”

The petition against the mast is available here.

Residents can comment on the application by entering reference 20/3228/PNT on Barnet Council’s planning portal.

The planning portal is available here.