AS A member of 'Love Whetstone's ' litter pickers, I have just returned from a session going up my street to the high road.

I cannot express the sadness I feel at the behaviour of some members of the public with regard to littering.

In this Covid age, there is a plethora of items discarded and seemingly dropped where they are which potentially could harbour the virus. Plastic water bottles, glass beer bottles, used tissues, masks, rubber gloves, coffee cups, food containers, plastic cutlery and hundreds of cigarette butts cover the pavements, trees and road. This is in addition to chocolate bar wrappers, plastic bags, used cotton buds, used nappies and gas canisters (to list but a few).

Every saliva-containing object has the potential to further the disease and pass it on to innocents, especially those good citizens who pick the items up and put them in a bin.

It's hugely unsociable to throw stuff on the ground at any time and makes our lovely town look like a third world country, and now it's just plain dangerous.

May I please ask people to think before they drop and use the supplied bins to dispose of their waste, keep our streets looking nice and keep them safe. It looks like most of the rubbish comes from people from outside the area who park their vehicles in the street while shopping or working.

I can't believe the offenders would like people coming onto their front gardens and throwing rubbish on them and they should realise that this is effectively what they are doing to our street.

You can contact Love Whetstone at to find out what you can do to help.

Adrian Korsner

Chandos Avenue