Barnet Sunday Football League has teamed up with Arsenal midfielder Mesut Ozil to supply free school meals.

Over £3,000 has been raised in a fundraiser to supply free meals for children aged four to eleven in Barnet and Enfield during half-term.

The league is working in partnership with both Ozil and royal chef Stefan Pappert to supply the meals following the Government voting against Labour’s motion to extend the free school meals scheme until Easter 2021.

The motion was defeated by 261 votes to 322.

Following the rejection, restaurants, charities and various volunteers across the nation decided to supply their own support network for financially struggling families so that hungry children will continue to be fed.

United’s Marcus Rashford has been leading this overall national campaign, as he pushes Boris Johnson to U-turn his decision with a petition that has nearly a million signatures.

Before reaching past their £3,000 mark, Barnet Sunday League wrote on Instagram: “We are so thankful to everyone who has donated to this fantastic cause. The amount we have raised so far is £2,591 and will contribute to circa 1,200 meals per day across 12 schools.

“Shout out all the volunteers that have offered their time to help out with the logistics, some of which coming from our communities and clubs.

“And of course the biggest thank you goes to Mesut Ozil and Stefan Pappert for getting behind the cause at the 11th hour.”

Ozil was seen showing his support by supplying children at Whitings Hill school in Barnet with a free meal and around 70 children at the school will receive free lunches for the rest of the week.

Headteacher Sejal Patel said: “The school wanted to say thank you for his kindness and generosity.”

Speaking on the national reaction, Rashford told The Sun: “To all the local business owners, to the food bank volunteers, to the teachers, to the carers, to the campaigners, this is your moment.

“Our children have felt the warmth and the compassion of their community and I am grateful beyond words.

“We have proved that even when we have little, we still have something to give."

To donate to the league's fundraiser, visit the GoFundMe page at: