An officer has been given a final written warning after forcefully handling an arrested man at Barnet Hospital.

PC Niven Poliah, of the North Area Basic Command Unit was in a misconduct hearing from November 16 to November 18, in relation to the incident on January 30, 2019.

PC Poliah was providing a ‘hospital guard’ for a member of the public, who had been arrested earlier that day.

At the scene, the man had been aggressive trying to head-butt another officer, kicking two others and spitting blood at another.

And while handcuffed to a wheelchair at the hospital, the man spat into PC Poliah’s face as he tried to remove his handcuffs.

It was alleged the officer retaliated by pushing his handcuff key into the man’s neck, holding it against him and applying pressure.

Later assessments found the man had a small wound on his neck.

It was further alleged the officer did not immediately desist even though the man kept shouting “you’re stabbing me in the neck, you’re stabbing me in the neck”.

The panel chaired by Judith Gribble, found both allegations were proven as gross misconduct and issued a final written warning.