Though the difficult year of 2020 has brought about social and economic difficulties throughout all industries, the hospitality sector had fallen victim to the coronavirus pandemic significantly.

Restauranteurs in particular had to undergo challenges in trying to make ends meet with a devastating 20% of workers being made redundant over the past 9 months.

For several months, my Local bagel shop had to endure an everlasting dry spell of business. Unfortunately for them, they did not have the capability to provide delivery services, nor did they have the funding to maintain the shop without profit for any unknown amount of time. To sell food and stick to social distancing guidelines, was a difficult obstacle to overcome; so after much deliberation the owners had come to the conclusion that they needed to close their doors temporarily.

Miraculously, as luck would have it, the bagel shop boys were able to sign off a deal with ‘Just Eat’ to try and save the business which enabled them to not only provide take aways, but delivery service too! Currently, during this second lockdown, the shop is functioning back to normal (adhering to distancing guidelines of course). Although business may be down, the owners are beyond thrilled that the shop is up and running again.

Our local businesses need us. If these unprecedented times have taught us anything, It’s that we need to support each other to get through it.

Keep shopping in your community. Help keep doors open.

Zubaida Choudhury, Woodford County High school