Four people have been arrested after a convoy of cars draped in Palestinian flags were seen with passengers yelling "f*** the Jews' through north London today.

A video shared on social media shows the cars travelling along the Hampstead area of Finchley Road today (May 16), with one man yelling through a loudspeaker.

In the clip, the man can be heard saying 'f*** the Jews, f*** the movement, f*** all of them."

He went on to say, in a road with one of the largest Jewish community centres - JW3 - : f*** their mothers, f*** their daughters and show your support for Palestine'.

The man can also clearly be heard saying 'rape their daughters, we have to send a message'. 

Later today the Metropolitan Police stated that the vehicle was identiifed at the A40 in Hillingdon, and it has been revealed that four arrests were made.

They were taken into custody, where they remain.

Superintendent Jo Edwards, in charge of the policing operation, said: "This behaviour was utterly shocking and will not be tolerated.

"I understand that this would have caused considerable concern within the community and we have arranged extra patrols in the St John's Wood and Golders Green areas this evening."

This comes after thousands of people marched through central London to support Palestinians in a 'Free Palestine' movement.

At least 139 people have been killed in Gaza, and nine in Israel since Monday, amid ongoing conflicts.

The incident in Finchley Road today has been condemned online.

The Community Service Trust, a charity against anti-Semitism, wrote on Twitter: “We are fully aware of appalling antisemitic intimidation and incitement from ‘pro-Palestinian’ car convoy from Bradford driving through north London into central London and have been in urgent discussion with @metpoliceuk.”

Housing Secretary Rt Hon Robert Jenrick also took his thoughts on Twitter and said: “This, on the streets of London is deeply disturbing. Vile, criminal hatred like this must not be tolerated.”

He added: "Whatever your view of the conflict in Israel and Gaza, there’s no justification for inciting anti-Jewish or Muslim hatred.

"Some of the language used on marches this weekend and in posts on social media is intimidating, hateful and racist. It must stop, and be addressed if not."

A spokesperson for the Metropolitan Police said: "We are aware of a video appearing to show anti-Semitic language being shouted from a convoy of cars in the St John's Wood area this afternoon."

Before the arrest, the Met said that "this sort of behaviour will not be tolerated".