The current heatwave is expected to last until the weekend before cooling down but remaining warm.

Today Hertfordshire is set to see 28C and sun, which according to the Met Office will rise to 29C tomorrow with a chance of thunderstorms and scattered showers.

Wednesday will be 27C with a mixture of sun, cloud and possibly light rain, before a sweltering day on Thursday with 26C and pure sun forecast.

Friday is set to be 24C with sun and cloud, with similar temperatures looking likely for the weekend.

According to the Met Office, yesterday was officially the hottest day of the year so far in England and Wales.

The weekend saw temperatures soaring above 31C across many parts of the UK and in Hertfordshire it was also around 30C on Sunday.

This temperature has smashed the previous record of 2021 which was 29.7C on June 14.

Public Health England announced a heat health warning from Saturday July 17  to Tuesday July 20.

Climate activists have also warned that intense heatwaves like these are going to continue as a result of global heating – a term deemed “more accurate” than global warming by a scientist at the UK Met Office.

Although this level of heat might be delightful for some, many will be looking forward to the weekend when temperatures are set to return to some kind of normal with highs of 23C and lows of 17C on Saturday and Sunday.

But for now, it's "hot town, summer in the city" for Watford.