As many as 20,400 people in Hertfordshire are "likely" to be experiencing long Covid, councillors have been told.

Fatigue, breathlessness, reduced tolerance to exercise, anxiety and depression are all commonly reported symptoms of the condition.

Dr Sam Williamson, associate medical director of the Hertfordshire and West Essex Integrated Care System, pointed to new data that suggests 1.1million people were experiencing it nationwide.

He said it was therefore "likely" 20,400 people in Herts could be affected and suffering with symptoms that are similar to other conditions.

Symptoms occur in all age groups but are most prevalent in those aged 35 to 69.

He said Herts and West Essex services had had more referrals than any other area of the East of England region.

It was also reported that for 2021/22 Hertfordshire has been allocated £717,947 to expand existing services to meet long Covid demand.

The services available in Herts were outlined to the county council’s public health and community safety cabinet panel last week.

Dr Williamson added: "Local providers have been recognised as being early implementers of long Covid services and are contributing to the evolving and emerging body of evidence around its management.”