A “grotty” corner of Watford has been revamped after thousands of pounds was invested into improving it.

Labour North Watford county councillor Asif Khan put aside more than £7,000 of his highways budget to improve the area at the junction of Maude Crescent and The Harebreaks.

He said the area often has cars trying to "squeeze past the dead end" resulting in bollards being damaged.

"It just looked really grotty," he added.

“I have been trying to get this area improved for a number of years now."

Explaining the upgrades, Cllr Khan said: “The old rusting railing and concrete bollards have been replaced and three new planters have been installed.

“I am pleased that it looks so much better. I am always looking to see any other patches that need to be spruced up and would welcome North Watford residents’ views.”

Callowland councillor Dennis Watling added: “Residents have already been thanking us for the improvements. They felt it had become run down and not in keeping with the redevelopment of St Albans Road.”