Natalie Elphicke has defended the Government's plans for sending migrants back to France after it faced criticism from the union that represents the border force.

This involves sending migrants back who arrive in Kent after making the journey across the Channel in small boats.

Paul O'Connor, from the Public and Commercial Services union, described the policy as "morally reprehensible and utterly inhumane".

"We believe that the practical implementation of the policy will inevitably lead to dangerous situations which carry a clear risk," he added.

The Dover MP appeared in Good Morning Britain to speak on the subject.

She said: "It's not very complex to say that the boats should not be leaving in the first place and that people should not be making these dangerous crossings.

"There has been loss of life and people really are safe on land and they should stay in France where they're safe."

When asked if she thought the policy would help as they included some tough measures, Elphicke said it was just a part of trying to solve a "longstanding" issue.

She added: "But it won't be the whole picture and it's absolutely vital that we do everything that we can operationally, legally, diplomatically to bring an end to thus crisis and really try and tackle it this year, once and for all."