New electric vehicle charging bays and points are set to be created at around 20 locations in and around Barnet.

A notice in this week’s edition of the Barnet Borough Times details where in each roads the bays will be created and their length.

The notice states the parking places will be free of charge but there is “normally” a cost involved in the use of the charging points.

The proposed location of the bays will be: Addison Way NW11 – outside No. 82 and 84, and opposite No. 22; Alma Road N10 – outside No. 6 to No. 8; Bell Lane NW4 – opposite No. 135; Brackenbury Road N2 – outside No. 55; Briarfield Avenue N3 – opposite No. 17 to No. 19; Brookside EN4 – opposite No. 75; Chesterfield Road EN5 – outside No. 54 to 56; Clitterhouse Road NW2 – opposite the junction of Claremont Road; Denison Close N2 – outside No. 1 to No. 5; Elm Park Gardens NW4 – outside No. 7; Elm Park Road N3 – outside No. 74 to 76; Glenthorne Road N11 – outside No. 74 to 76; Halliwick Road N10 – outside No. 29; Holden Road – opposite No. 94 to 96, and outside Garden Court; Newton Road N10 – side on No. 87 Sydney Road; Parkhurst Road N11 – outside No. 59 to No. 61; St Johns Avenue N11; Sutcliffe Close NW11 – outside No. 9, and side of No. 37 Litchfield Way.

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