A student team won an engineering prize for designing a system that uses magnets to power boats.

Students from Queen Elizabeth’s Girls School, Barnet entered The Big Bang Competition and took home the Network Rail Innovation in Transport Award.

Bella Borysiewicz, Luxnavi Suthaharan and Jheel Patel, wowed the judges with their project ‘Magnetic Hydrodynamic Drive for Marine Transportation’.

The project used magnetic power to provide power to boats, ships and marine transport, and reduce emissions caused by fuel, such as pollution and spills.

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The team were chosen from hundreds of entrants across the country to reach the final.

Event organizer Dr Hilary Leevers said: “Bella, Luxnavi and Jheel really impressed the judges with their project and congratulations to them on winning this special award.”

Network Rail senior campaigns manager Amit Kotecha said: “We were really impressed by the winning team who demonstrated a high standard of creativity, collaboration, and innovation.

“A big congratulations to Bella, Luxnavi and Jheel.”

The team will receive £500 and a framed certificate.