The census has shown a 9.2% rise in population in Barnet, significantly more than the UK and London averages.

Barnet’s population has grown by nearly 35,000 from 356,836 in 2011 to 389,300 in 2021.

Meanwhile the average increase for the UK was 6.3%, and 7.7% in London.

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Barnet’s population is the second largest of London’s borough’s, with Croydon being the largest.

The number of people aged 65 over living in Barnet has risen 18.3%.

Barnet Council leader Councillor Barry Rawlings said: “We are reviewing the data to understand what impact it will have on service provision across the council, from adults’ social care to children’s services to businesses and environmental services, as well as the impact on our partners such as health.

“We will look at how data can help us estimate local population growth over the next few years to ensure that we have prepared and planned to reflect the needs of the changing profile of our residents now and for the future.”