Firefighters have been putting out several grass fires in a park today as England experiences record-breaking temperatures.

Crews were called to Sunny Hill Park in Hendon at around lunchtime following reports of a fire.

Multiple crews attended to put out the fire that left a trail of smoke wafting across the air.

Police also attended and temporary road closures were put in place around the park with crews connecting hoses to a fire hydrant in a residential street.

Times Series: Fire crews connect a hose to a hydrant near Sunny Hill ParkFire crews connect a hose to a hydrant near Sunny Hill Park

Hendon Conservative ward councillor Mark Shooter said he and colleagues were first on scene with firefighters and reported at 1.20pm that the fire was under control.

Temperatures have reached 40C for the first time on record in the UK, with 40.2C provisionally recorded at London Heathrow, the Met Office said.

The threshold was hit at 12.50pm as much of the UK sweltered in a heatwave, with parts of England and Wales under a red warning for extreme heat, posing a danger to life, pressure on the NHS and disruption across transport networks.