Footage has emerged of a destroyed Jaguar being dealt with after an M1 fire caused long delays near Watford.

Traffic was stopped at 7.19am on the northbound carriageway this morning between junctions 4 and 5 after reports of a vehicle fire on the hard shoulder.

A police spokesperson confirmed the car involved was a Jaguar and there are no reports of injuries.

Times Series: Credit: Patrycja BazyldoCredit: Patrycja Bazyldo

Crews had the blaze under control by around 8am but delays persisted until 10am as emergency services worked to clear the road.


Times Series: Credit: Ana Claudia Negrea Credit: Ana Claudia Negrea

Footage shows that the front half of the car destroyed and the windows smashed.

Times Series: The car being recovered. Credit: Ana Claudia Negrea The car being recovered. Credit: Ana Claudia Negrea

The car was recovered and National Highways said all lanes reopened just before 9.30am.

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