Hendon FC is calling for a ban on all gambling advertising and sponsorship in football.

The Greens join nearly 30 other clubs across the UK and Ireland taking part in the campaign – The Big Step.

Gambling harm impacts millions across the UK while the industry spends £1.5 billion each year on marketing.

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Public Health England estimates there are 409 gambling-related suicides in England every year. 

The club’s announcement comes as gambling advertising in football is under increased scrutiny, with the 20 Premier League clubs set to vote on a voluntary ban on gambling shirt sponsorship in September.

Hendon FC’s supporters trust secretary John Rogers said he and the club were backing the proposed change.

He added: “Hendon Football Club is delighted to support The Big Step in the fight against the barrage of gambling advertising in football and partner with Gambling with Lives to raise awareness of the risk of gambling.

“We can't wait to add this to our existing list of programmes and initiatives that help prevent people from suffering with mental health in our local community by working with The Big Step to focus on football’s role in facilitating addiction."

The Big Step campaign is a charity set up by families and friends of young people who have taken their own lives as a direct result of gambling.

Founder of the charity James Grimes, who is a former gambling addict, said: “We are delighted to have the backing of Hendon FC, a club that shares our values.

“Children have the right to watch football without being encouraged to gamble and Hendon’s stance will be a huge benefit to their young fans and those harmed by gambling in their community and fanbase.”

He added: “With more and more clubs from all levels surviving without and campaigning against gambling ads, we have no doubt that the writing is on the wall for the gambling industry’s hold over football.”

The charity has launched a petition asking for the government to end gambling adverts in the sport.

To sign the petition, visit change.org/p/end-gambling-advertising-and-sponsorship-in-football