Drivers in Barnet will have better access to electric vehicle chargepoints after new funding was awarded.

Barnet is among nine areas of England – and the only one in London - to be selected in the Government’s Local EV Infrastructure pilot scheme.

Barnet Council will receive £1.65 million which should deliver around 100 public electric vehicle chargepoints across the borough.

The scheme will help residents without private driveways to have better access to the chargers.

The rollout supports the Government’s drive to encourage more motorists to go electric, which can save drivers money on fuel and running costs, and improve air quality.

Chipping Barnet Conservative MP Theresa Villiers welcomed the funding for Barnet, saying: “This is good news for my constituents who want to switch to cleaner greener driving,” Theresa said in response to the announcement.

“A massive expansion of the charging network for electric vehicles is essential if we are going to meet our goals on protecting our climate and improving air quality. We will only be able to decarbonise our car fleet if people have the confidence that they can power up their vehicles easily and conveniently.”