Extinction Rebellion activists have gathered outside the McDonald’s European headquarters as part of a week-long protest.

The group met with a large security presence at the head office in High Road, East Finchley, this morning (October 31).

Campaigners from different activist groups plan to protest outside the fast food giant's HQ each day until Saturday over its alleged contributions to global waste and plastic pollution.

This includes activists from Plastics Rebellion, Amazon Rebellion, Haringey Tree Protectors and Stop the Edmonton Incinerator.

On Monday, a large banner was held reading: “profit over planet” during the action focused on waste.

Times Series: The head office was barricaded before protesters arrived The head office was barricaded before protesters arrived (Image: Extinction Rebellion)

Protest co-organiser Gus Hull said: “We were a small number of protesters on this first morning, but with a lot of energy and resolve. Numbers will grow.

"We turned up at 8am with banner, leaflets and information on McDonalds crimes to find McDonalds HQ had fenced itself in, with security and large police presence.

“What does this tell us? We hold a lot of power and should be out in force, calling out big corporations.”

Jane Leggett, another co-organiser, said: “Over the past few years McDonald's have worked harder on greenwashing their image than protecting the environment, their customers and workers

“Figures are now being released showing increased deaths amongst the vulnerable and elderly because of soaring temperatures last summer and McDonald’s are contributing directly to that. Profit before people, living creatures and the planet. We’re not lovin’ it.”

The group intended to hand deliver a letter to UK CEO Alastair Macrow at the end of each day.

However after discussions with the head of security, protesters were told this would not be possible.

It was assured that the letters will be handed in to the CEO by security.

On Tuesday (November 1) Haringey Tree Protector campaigners led the protest.

They stated that 11 mature trees fell during the summer at the McDonald's Green Lanes in Haringey branch. According to the activists the fast food chain then replaced the area with artificial greenery.

A campaigner said: "These trees were needlesly felled in a climate emergency, you can't mitigate and replace 30 year old trees.

"It would take hundreds of saplings."

McDonald's has not responded after a request for comment.