A rescue operation is underway to save a squirrel trapped on top of a busy shopping centre’s plastic Christmas tree.

It is understood that the squirrel has been living in the top of Brent Cross Shopping Centre’s large artificial tree for the past three days.

The squirrel's plight - it can be seen near the top level of the Boots shop - has been seen by many by busy shoppers amid the build-up to Christmas.

Times Series: A picture of the large artificial tree in the shopping centreA picture of the large artificial tree in the shopping centre (Image: UGC)

One eyewitness who noticed the trapped rodent said she was “horrified” as it appeared “clearly distressed”.

Brent Cross staff attempted to rescue the trapped squirrel last night (November 10), and workers assumed that it had left the tree.


But it was then spotted again today (November 10), further concerning shoppers.

A spokesperson for Brent Cross has confirmed that the squirrel will be returned to its natural habitat tomorrow.

The RSPCA was also contacted for comment.

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