CCTV footage shows the moment a man drove his BMW onto a level crossing and stayed still on the railway line.

Steven Maxwell Lestrange, of Tolmers Road in Potters Bar, has been sentenced after the incident this year.

The video shows the driver approached the Windmill Lane level crossing in Cheshunt on March 24.

In a bid to pass through, he drove the BMW onto the tracks as the barriers lowered, which left him and his passenger stationary in the path of oncoming trains.

The signaller quickly lifted the barriers so Lestrange could drive off.

But the clip shared by the British Transport Police shows that the car was stuck between the barriers for at least 30 seconds.

The 67-year-old pleaded not guilty to driving without due care and attention at Highbury Magistrates’ Court on July 21.

However he was found guilty of the offence on December 20 and was ordered to pay £657 in fines and added six points to his licence.

Inspector Stephen Webster said: “There is simply no excuse for trying to rush through a level crossing, and I hope this footage serves as a stark warning to anyone contemplating doing so.”