A Premier League footballer who was arrested on suspicion of rape is being investigated for a third sexual offence in Barnet.

On Thursday (March 23), police said the player, who has not been named, was interviewed last month under caution about a sexual offence alleged to have taken place in Barnet in February 2022.

He was first arrested in Barnet on July 4 last year over allegations he raped a woman in her 20s in June.

The player was then was further arrested while in custody over allegations of raping a different woman in April and June 2021.

In a statement last July, the Metropolitan Police said “no further action” would be taken in relation to the June 2021 offence because the relevant legislation had not yet come into effect at the time it was said to have occurred.

A police spokesperson said that the most recent investigation “relates to a third victim and was reported to police in July 2022". 

The 29-year-old denies the allegations. Police said that his bail had been extended.