Families in North London are being asked to host international students in their homes who will be attending independent schools in the area.

With half term holidays and exeat weekends fast approaching, these students need a comfortable home away from home so that they can do their studies.

Pippa’s Guardians is a trusted Guardianship service with over 25 years of experience in providing high-quality care to international students.

They are looking for warm and welcoming host families who can positively impact a student’s wellbeing while they are away from home.

According to Pippa’s Guardians, the most important qualities they look for in a host family are an interest in other cultures and a welcoming attitude.

Families with children value the opportunity to learn about different cultures and to share their daily lives with young people of diverse backgrounds.

For families with grown children who have left home, hosting international students offers a chance to enjoy the company of young people once again.

They also note that being part of a family helps enhance a student’s study and language skills, and improves their overall experience in a foreign country.

Aside from the fulfilment of providing a home to students, Pippa’s Guardians promise their host families a generous payment for their service.

Pippa’s Guardian’s highlights that this opportunity is a chance to learn about different cultures and life experiences.

Many of Pippa’s Guardian’s host families form long-lasting friendships with the students they accommodate and even after they move on to universities, the families tend to stay in touch.

Carolyn Cole Rodrigues de Souza from Mill Hill has been hosting international students since 2019.

She said: “Being a host for Pippa's Guardians is like extending your family. We loved having our student, learning about her culture and sharing ours. My daughters loved having an 'older sister' around.”

If you are interested in becoming a host family for an international student attending school this September, please contact Pippa’s Guardians at hostfamilies@pippasguardians.co.uk.