Parents concerned about their children coming home on dark winter evenings have secured new lighting for their housing estate.

Residents on the Stamford Hill estate feared for the safety of children returning home from school in the dark.

They asked landlord Southern Housing for new lighting and 123 new lampposts have now been installed across the estate.

The landlord said that it had absorbed the cost of installing energy efficient LED units at the estate and estimated that it will now use just 20% of the energy previously consumed using the old lighting.

It added that this would hopefully help save tenants money on their energy bills.

Southern Housing project manager Stephen English said: “Residents were concerned about child safety during dark evenings.

“I am pleased to have helped deliver improved safety at night and reduced energy bills.

“Our residents have shown that everyone can contribute to the zero-carbon agenda. You could say that residents gave us the green light for greener lighting.”

The new lighting was part of a larger project of work on the estate, which included front door and kitchen upgrades.