A Labour parliamentary candidate has hit out at his Conservative opponent over the planned closure of train ticket offices.

Dan Tomlinson has accused Chipping Barnet MP Theresa Villiers of “hypocrisy” after she expressed concerns about the proposals, despite being in government when some ticket offices were shut a decade ago.

Under current plans, stations at New Barnet, Oakleigh Park and New Southgate would have their ticket offices closed.

Staffed assistance hours, offered at the current ticket office opening times in Oakleigh Park and New Southgate, and beyond current current hours in New Barnet, are proposed instead.

More than 150 ticket office closures are planned across London.

Theresa Villiers has said that she opposes the current plans, claiming that passengers need more guarantees about the assistance station staff will give them when buying tickets.

Following Ms Villiers comments,Mr Tomlinson, her opponent at the next general election, said “the hypocrisy is staggering”.

He pointed to the fact that in 2012, just two weeks after the end of Ms Villiers tenure as minister for rail and aviation, the Government approved the closure of four ticket offices previously served by London Midland.

Mr Tomlinson said: “The hypocrisy is staggering. For over a decade, the Conservatives have done little to protect ticket offices and improve customer service levels on the rail network.

“1.2 million rail journeys start or end at New Barnet and Oakleigh Park stations each year, and yet the Conservatives want to close the vital ticket offices at both stations.

“The proposals would impact the many passengers using these stations, especially disabled and elderly railways users.”

He also urged rail users to sign his petition against the closures.

Ms Villiers said: “The way people buy train tickets has changed massively over recent years. So it is legitimate to look at potential alterations to the way staff are deployed at stations.

“But before changes can be made to ticket office provision, there have to be guarantees that passengers will still be able to get the right assistance from station staff with buying tickets.

"I do not believe that [Govia Thameslink Railway] GTR have yet provided those guarantees, which is why I oppose their current plans.”

The end of the consultation period on the proposed changes has been extended until September 1.