It's not every day a dog celebrates their 18th birthday -  especially if that dog is a former football club model.

Leeroi, a cross between a Jack Russell and a Collie, will turn 127 in dog years next month.

His proud owner, Clive Pollard, got his pet into modelling from an early age and he has featured in catalogues for multiple teams including England, Chelsea and Manchester United. 

He said: "Leeroi was in all the major catalogues. They took pictures of him selling dog stuff in their club shop brochures."

Clive, a grandfather of four, grew up in Hampstead and attended what was then Marylebone Grammar School.

He moved to Barnet when he got married 43 years ago, and currently lives in Edgware.

Leeroi came to live with him, his wife Michele, both 67, and their three children when he was six weeks old.

"Over the years Leeroi has been an amazing dog and has modelled for all sorts of clients but mainly for soccer clubs," Clive added.

"I was in the sports business and they were looking for dogs to model the England kit, official licence dog stuff, dog bowl, collar, lead, all with the England crests on it.

"Leeroi was a regular at Canons Park and in Edgwarebury Park. Even now he is a legend in the Edgware and Harrow area.

"He was a favourite amongst all the dogs along with his twin brother Rocky who passed away more than five years ago.

"I had a few connections but that doesn't take it away from Leeroi, he's still a star."

Times Series: Leeroi dressed in his glad rags for a family weddingLeeroi dressed in his glad rags for a family wedding (Image: Clive Pollard)

He said Leeroi, who has since retired from modelling, has always been playful. "For my daughter's wedding he was dressed in a proper evening suit and he still turns heads when female dogs see him," said Clive.

"He's a little bit blind, a little bit deaf and has a little bit of dementia but wouldn't you have at 127?

 "Why can't my dog have a little bit of fame?"