A brand new unmissable experience has opened its doors in the heart of Westfield Stratford City.

VR experience Horizon of Khufu allows travellers to step back 4,500 years into Ancient Egypt where you can see the Great Pyramid of Giza and more.

Opening doors at the start of October at Westfield Stratford, the experience allows you to crawl through ancient burial chambers, witness mummification ceremonies and navigate the Nile by boat to attend the funeral of King Khufu.

The Horizon of Khufu uncovers 1,000 square meters of ancient ruins and was developed by leading virtual reality studio Excurio and Egyptologist, Peter Der Manuelian.

Horizon of Khufu opens at Westfield Stratford 

The Horizon of Khufu allows visitors to experience a 45-minute expedition simultaneously with 360° views at the top of the only Great Wonder still standing.

The immersive expedition also recreates an ancient civilisation built 4,000 years ago in a format unrivalled anywhere else in the UK.

Discussing the new experience, Fabien Barati, Managing Director of Emissive, said: "We’ve worked tirelessly to develop Immersive Expeditions and create an experience which enables people to travel through time and witness a wonder of the world, right on their doorstep.

"Horizon of Khufu has been so well received across the globe and we hope Londoners of all ages will be captivated by this once-in-a-lifetime journey."

How to get tickets to Horizon of Khufu at Westfield Stratford

If you want to get tickets to Horizon of Khufu, you can buy them via the website.

Full-price tickets currently cost £30 until October 31 but are normally £45 each.

There are reduced prices for NHS employees and carers and discounts for groups of more than four people.

You can also buy gift cards for the experience starting at £45.