An artist is calling for people to share their memories of a historic area for a community art project.

Jacky Oliver, the current artist in residence of Bunhill, is creating a piece of public art celebrating the history of the area around Whitecross Street that will be displayed in Bunhill Field in 2024.

The street leads from Old Street down towards the Barbican, with buildings spanning centuries.

As part of the project, Jacky, a metalworker with over 30 years' experience, is making a map out of metal panels etched with information based on archive materials from Finsbury Library.

But she needs more information to fill the gaps in the street’s history.

She said: “It would be nice for people to come along and share their memories,” she said, “I can only work out what is the best way for the piece when I do more research and talk to more people.”

“It could be any particular shops they remember or any places that were special to them. It could be handwriting, newspaper articles, or any black and white imagery like maps, drive diagrams, or pictures of their houses - basically anything about the local area”, she added.

Funded by Islington Council, the Bunhill Heritage Project invites an artist each year to create a work of public art with the local community.

Times Series: Artist Jacky Oliver is currently working on a map of the Whitecross Street area

“Being an artist in residence is my favourite way of working”, said Jacky, “because otherwise you are just in a workshop and judging everything by yourself.”

Having undertaken residencies and projects in a number of institutions, she described her works as bringing together “research from museums, archives and the local community”.

She is also leading art workshops for local residents in St Luke’s Community Centre.

She added: “I like doing work that I get feedback from. It’s really nice having people coming to the studio, seeing their reactions, and working out what makes sense and what doesn’t. By running workshops and talking with people, you will get different perspectives on your work.”

If you would like to contribute to the Bunhill Heritage Project about the history of Whitecross street and nearby areas, please get in touch with Oliver on Instagram @jackyolivermetalwork or by email: