We’ve rounded up the cheapest fuel stations within a two-mile radius of each north London borough.

In June and July, pump prices for diesel were around 2p per litre(ppl) more than that of unleaded.

However, since the summer, the pump price of both diesel and unleaded has risen, according to PetrolPrices.com.

September started with diesel being priced on average 3ppl over unleaded, and it finished at over six pence higher.

October has seen some slight price drops in unleaded, but diesel has been slower to decline, leading to it being sold at a premium of seven pence over unleaded.

Costco is the UK’s cheapest place to get petrol for their members.

In general, Asda and Sainsbury’s have the lowest-priced petrol and diesel without needing a membership.

Here are the cheapest places for fuel in north London boroughs.



Esso Camden Road – petrol: 155.9p; diesel: 164.9p

Shell York Way – petrol: 155.9p; diesel: 164.9p

BP Wellington Road – petrol: 155.9p; diesel: 164.9p

BP Finchley Road – petrol: 156.9p; diesel: 165.9p

Shell Marylebone Road – petrol: 157.9p; diesel: 165.9p



Esso Hornsey Road – petrol: 155.9p; diesel: 164.9p

Texaco Seven Sisters Road – petrol: 155.9p; diesel: 164.9p

Shell Holloway Road – petrol: 156.9p; diesel: 165.9p

Texaco City Road – petrol: 157.9p; diesel: 165.9p

Co-Op Caledonian – petrol: 157.9p; diesel: 165.9p



Esso Stamford Hill – petrol: 154.9p; diesel:162.9p

BP Stoke Newington Road – petrol: 155.9p; diesel: 163.9p

BP Cambridge Heath Road – petrol: 156.9p; diesel: 165.9p

Shell Wick Lane – petrol: 157.9p; diesel: 164.9p

Shell Upper Clapton Road – petrol: 157.9p; diesel: 164.9p



Texaco Harrow Road – petrol: 149.9p; diesel: 159.9p

Asda Wembley Automat – petrol: 152.7p; diesel: 160.7p

Asda Park Royal Automat – petrol: 152.7p; diesel: 159.7p

Tesco Wembley Extra – petrol: 152.9p; diesel: 160.9p

Murco Church Lane – petrol: 152.9p; diesel: 160.9p



Asda Tottenham White Hart Lane – petrol: 151.7p; diesel: 160.7p

Esso Lordship Lane – petrol: 152.9p; diesel: 162.9p

Low Prices Always Bounds Green – petrol: 153.8p; diesel: 162.8p

Sainsbury’s Harringay – petrol: 153.9p; diesel: 160.9p

Shell The Roundway – petrol: 153.9p; diesel: 161.9p



Sainsbury’s Enfield – petrol: 149.9p; diesel: 159.9p

Morrisons Enfield – petrol: 149.9p; diesel: 159.9p

Jet Enfield – petrol: 149.9p; diesel: 159.9p

Low Prices Always Enfield – petrol: 150.8p; diesel: 159.8p

Tesco Ponders End Extra – petrol: 150.9p; diesel: 160.9p



Tesco Brent Cross Hendon Way – petrol: 152.9p; diesel: 160.9p

BP North Circular Road – petrol: 154.9p; diesel: 163.9p

Esso Watford Way – petrol: 154.9p; diesel: 161.9p

BP Dollis Road – petrol: 157.9p; diesel: 165.9p

BP Finchley Lane – petrol: 157.9p; diesel: 165.9p



Esso Alexandra Avenue – petrol: 151.9p; diesel: 159.9p

Asda on the Move Harrow – petrol: 152.9p; diesel: 160.9p

Esso Station Road – petrol: 153.9p; diesel: 162.9p

Esso High Street – petrol: 153.9p; diesel: 162.9p

Shell Watford Road – petrol: 154.9p; diesel: 164.9p