Council tenants on estates in Brent could soon have to pay for a yearly parking permit.

Brent Council has asked residents on 19 estates to have their say on plans for a new Traffic Management Order that would enable it to control parking on estates in the same way as it does on public roads.

It claims this will make it “safer, fairer and easier” for residents, with hefty fines for vehicles parked "poorly or inconsiderately".

If the plan goes ahead, drivers will have to pay a £50 annual fee for each permit to park in the areas, with these initially limited to residents of each estate.

Expanding the permits to include visitors would be reviewed once the scheme was underway and the number of free spaces is known. Vehicles parked without a valid permit or illegally could be fined up to £130.

The council claims the changes are needed as “unsafe and inconsiderate” parking is causing havoc for residents living on the estates. Documents released as part of the consultation also suggest it is hindering access for fire engines, ambulances, and bin lorries, as well as making it difficult for residents to find spaces. 

Enforcement agents are not currently able to take action against drivers parking on the estates without permission as they are not allowed to access information held by the DVLA. The council claims the strict controls have “proven to deter nuisance estate parking” when introduced in other London boroughs. It would be enforced 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

A similar attempt to bring in greater enforcement was proposed a few years ago. However, it received a backlash from those residents with a cultural tradition of regularly visiting their extended family. 

The plans come as the council has revealed a need to generate more income due to spiralling costs linked to reduced government funding and inflation.

In order to continue delivering essential services to residents, the council has warned residents of council tax rises, as well as increasing fees and charges.

As part of the consultation, which finishes on December 13, the council is running five workshops to discuss the plans with residents of the 19 estates affected. Below is a list of the estates where the changes could be implemented.

  • Newland Court 
  • John Perrin Place
  • Mason Court
  • Eskadale and Loweswater
  • Sutherland Court
  • Essoldo Way
  • Westcroft Court
  • Summers Close and Saltcroft Close
  • Lecky House
  • Gladstone Park, Mascotts Close, Sandcroft Close and Oxley’s Road
  • Rosedene
  • Frontenac House
  • Cavendish Close
  • John Barker Court
  • Gloucester Close
  • Lodge Court and Manor Court
  • 255-261 East Lane
  • Rokesby Place
  • Stanley Avenue and Lightley Close